One Majestic Place
Sacred Place Sacred Space

"Come inside, where freedom lives, reacquaint yourself with who you really are."

Wellness Counseling

and Spiritual Counseling

Telephone, Email, In-person

Reclaim your wholeness,

 your wisdom, and birth rite of joy!   


Staci radiates warmth and empowerment as

  she guides and inspires transformational growth

 for the remarkable you!

Divine love resonates as Staci shares

 her healing energy, her passion for joy

 and contentment in everyday living.

 Staci has been inspiring others in life enrichment

 and personal growth for thirty years.


   Staci and her husband, Jody created One Majestic Place Retreat Center

on 80 acres west of Mountain, ND.  She has been leading retreats, classes and holding space for healing and expansion for the past ten years.


A hand crafted, log featured, cabin is the newest attraction
 created for retreats, gatherings and lodging.

Staci is a Counselor, Advocate, Presenter & Consultant.

  Her training also includes Drug & Alcohol Counseling

 & Tobacco Treatment Specialist.


Give yourself the gift of enhanced well being,

expanded consciousness,

increased passion, joy and love

by reconnecting with your "Sacred Self"!


Call 888-810-3448 or 701-993-8649

 to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.


Transformational Topics & Classes




Revitalizing the Spirit

Mastering Your Thoughts

Mastering Your Emotions - Freedom Within

Sacred Self - Living your Truth

Awake, Aware, Alive

Radical Joy How much Joy can You Stand?
Illumination of Imagination The Beginning of Anything & Everything!

Spirituality Discussion Groups meeting monthly call for details



Client Comments

Telephone Counseling & Email Support

"You are good medicine."  - Dr. M.

"I thank God for you.  I feel more powerful after talking with you!"  - Sharon, ND

"I don't know, you must be made out of something very special.  
You are a good counselor."  - Gene K., ND

"This has been an interesting journey.  I've definitely found parts of myself that I'd lost along the way.  For that, I'm definitely grateful!  I'm going to print out your message below and read it before I go to bed tonight.  Your words have so much optimism and peace in them!  And I love the other email you sent!  That, too, will be saved so that I can re-read it often!"  Wendy T.  Twin Cities, MN

"I feel like a good person when I talk with you."  - James, ND

Be the the Best You

You can Be!

Deep within

A hunger longs to be filled

With the pure light of divine joy;

A thirst for life

Begs to be quenched

At the dancing, singing spring

Of the Beloved’s love.


And deeper still God whispers,

“I have already satisfied all hunger;

I have already slaked all thirst.


“Are we not one being – sacred Life?

Are you not born of all that I am?

That which you seek, you are -

All that and more -

For I have joined my Life with your living.

Let loose the joy

that rises from beneath your sighs.

With open heart

Receive what has already been given.

Sink deep into the waters of my love

And as you drown in the abundance of I Am

Rise to Life.

              Gretchen Daneke Graf

© 2009


                 Presented to Staci for One Majestic Place



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